DX NIKKOR 10-24mm

I don’t have the lens anymore, but when I started shooting I always used the lens, or I just used this one. With D7000, this was the perfect comb for travel light.

I brought this comb for San fransisco 10 years ago. I already had D800E and F14-24 f2.8G, but I felt that comb was too bulky and heavy for the travel. So I took the lighter DX comb.


DX NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED

NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED with D7000

実はこの当時すでにD800EとF14-24mmを使っていたけど、旅行に持っていくには重すぎるな〜、という理由で却下。 やはり旅のお供は軽いほうがベター。

San Fransiceo Oakoand Bay bridge

Banana Republic in San Francisco

After I got the fairly small FX comb, D600, and 16-35mm F4.0, I sold off the DX comb.
I sometimes miss the sharpness and the superwide perspective made by that comb.
Maybe a cheap DX body (but having a great SONY sensor) like D5300 would be a great companion for travel-light and city lookup shots.


そのあと、D600 と16-35mmを旅セットにしてしまい
手放してしまったけど・・その抜けの良さ、DX超広角ならではのパースペクティブは今でも好きだな〜。この値段なら、中古のD5300あたりと合わせて超お手軽CITYルックアップセットとしても良いかも。安くてチープな 10-20mm もあるけど、あれはちょっと質感すべて残念な感じ・・・。今でも十分通用するレンズ! おすすめ!

Black Glass

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