Let me introduce Yoshihiko Wada along with A・B・O・U・T.

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Architecture is my main subject. In most cases, I shoot them with the long exposure technique. Why? I have fallen in love with the smooth clouds and silky reflections on the water.


I am an ambassador of FORMATT-HITECH.

A sound designer

I’ve been a sound designer in the video game industry for over 20 years in Japan.
If you love playing horror video games, you might already have played the games I’d worked for.
Being in the same industry for quite a long time got me tired, since my job is quiet sedentary work. Then I was lucky to find another passion which constantly gives me fresh air.


In 2016, his panoramic long exposure bridge-cityscape “The Land of Connections” topped many photo competitions, including one of the prestigious awards, the International photo award (IPA).

Adding to that he was awarded “Discovery of the Year” at the 2017 Tokyo International Photo Award(TIFA), with his 10 panoramic cityscapes  “The City of Juncture”.

Challenging photo competition surely improved my photography.

Monochrome Awards 2015 – Architecture Winners (Professional)
ND AWARD 2015 2nd place(architectere:other)
ND AWARD 2016 2nd place(architecture:bridge)
IPA2016 1st place(architecture: bridge)
TIFA2016 1st place (Architecture of the year, bridge)
IPOTY 2016 1st place (Pro, architecture:bridge)

EPSON PANO AWARDS 2016  4th place (Amateur-Built Environment) “Dark Ballet”
Commended(top50) at Sony World Photo Wward2017 OPEN ,Architecture
EPSON PANO AWARDS 2017  2nd place (Amateur-Built Environment)  “Encounter”
ND AWARD 2017 2nd place(architecture:bridge)

TIFA2017  Discovery of the Year “The City of Juncture”
Mono Visions Photofraphy Awards 2018 3rdPLACE – SERIES, Architecture “The City of Juncture (bw version)”



I was born and raised in Ibaraki prefecture, which is close to Tokyo but a fairly local region; there is quiet countryside.
Ibaraki has a unique coastal area, which I often visit when I come to my parent’s house.

Black and White



I’ve been living in Osaka for over 20 years now.
Osaka is the second largest city in Japan, next to Tokyo.
Most of my pictures were taken in Osaka, Koube(next to Osaka).


Occasionally I shoot landscapes; waterfalls are my favorite subject.



My philosophy: Go to an ordinary place , and make them extraordinary.


User of Nikon

I’m a Nikon guy.
I bought my first camera, D90 in 2011.
I loved the camera, especially the sound of shatter click.
Then I moved to D7000, which had a superb 16 megapixel sensor! (made by sony)
D7000 with Nikkor 10-24mm, I shot a lot of “look up” cityscapes.
I don’t own any DX (asp-c )cameras now, only use Full size bodies.

※sample pictures



Long exposure and panorama is my main technique.


I use several GITZO tripods:
GT2542, GT3542, GT2532,GT3532, GT2545T, GT1545T
Actually, I have more.

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