Take the Time

Sorry for saying that but there's no short cut for fin art photography. It'll take time, actually. The good thing is that the more take your time, more the your image going to beautiful. Here is an example from my recent work "Dark Tower".

YW’s workflow :Day3

Having a clear direction is important for the BW fin art style post process. Let's make a blue print before building your house.

YW’s workflow :Day2

YW’s workflow Day2: After having pictures for panorama, let's start merge them. I introduce my usual workflow to make a panorama image, After this, black and white process will start.

YW’ workflow :Day1

As I said the introduction, let's see my workflow step by step.Day 1 start with, of course, capturing images. Informatio...


I'll show you my workflow Each has his or her workflow. Me too. Maybe you're curious about mine.I want to write and show...

Use luminosity Mask

Luminosity Mask, which is luminosity based mask, is getting popular in the world of post process. This is not difficult, you can just try it. I recommend TK panel, which I've been used for years.

Photoshop & Lightroom: you need to learn first for fine art photography

After all these two softwares are default. I've been used these for years, and I don't need any software for my B&W fine art photography.

Welcome to my new “YW photography”

Yoshihiko Wada renewed his web site. You can see his artwork, tutorial from his website. Let's check it out.
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