The Land of Connections Ⅱ

“A Arise of Triton”
Meikou-Triton, Nagoya/名港トリトン,西大橋

“Back to the Central”
Yogogawa-River, Osaka/ 大阪-十三大橋と梅田スカイビル-

東京-千葉 -荒川湾岸橋-
“The Age of Steel” 
Arakawa-BayBridge,Tokyo-Chiba/東京-千葉 -荒川湾岸橋-

“End of the Gloomy Days”
Tokyo Gate Bridge /東京ゲートブリッジ

 “The Promised Land” 
Kobe:Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge /神戸-明石海峡大橋-

Date made:2017
Dimensions: Panorama
Gear: Nikon D800E, D600,pc-e 24mm
Filter: Formatt hitech Firecrest ND filters:13stops, 16stops.

Each image were 3-5 stitched panorama along with 3-5 minutes (for each) long exposure for eliminating moving objects, acquiring for flat sea with a dramatic sky. Also “Black and white” approach can focus on the design
Of bridges. Combining those techniques makes the series so unique that makes different from other typical bridge photos.

Major Awards Achievement:
ND AWARD 2017 2nd place(architecture:bridge)

Imagine the life without bridges.
Imagine the life without the bridge you use every day.

Bridges make your life much easy and efficient.
The first bridges made by humans were probably spans of cut wooden logs or planks, using a simple support and crossbeam arrangement.

Think about that, today’s bridges are far from it. They are the cutting-edge architectures.
They are the symbol of our desire for convenience.
They symbolized our deepest desire for connections.

“The Land of Connections” is Yoshihiko Wada’s life work project which focuses on especially the large scale type of bridges in Japan.

The statistic shows that there are over 15,7000 bridges (length over 15m) .
Japan surely is “the land of connections”.

The new series has 5 various types of bridges including the world largest suspension bridge” Akashi Kaikyō Bridge “.
Not only capturing the structure of the bridges, it is important to include the surrounding scenery for well understanding their locations.

Then the 2×1 ratio panorama is both suitable for horizontally long bridges and surroundings.

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