Light Trails :Tips for excessive light trail photography

Light trails is one of the popular genre in long exposure photography, and for me, the genre have been one of my favorite too. I'll let you know from the basic to advance technique based on my real experiences with many sample photos.

De Noise “How to reduce noise in long exposure”

Shooting long exposure is not always a god choice, especially in the hotter season. The heat make "heat noise" during a long-exposure. A longer exposure make much heat noise. The simple solution is "not" to shoot in the hot summer. Shoot in winter, do post process in summer. Just kidding. I'll let you know the way of reducing "heat noise". Check it out.

YW’s workflow :Day7

When you feel " the image is done!", there is still something you need to do. The final tweak can improve your image, even though it is very subtle. Always "detail matters".

YW’s workflow :Day3

Having a clear direction is important for the BW fin art style post process. Let's make a blue print before building your house.

YW’s workflow :Day2

YW’s workflow Day2: After having pictures for panorama, let's start merge them. I introduce my usual workflow to make a panorama image, After this, black and white process will start.

YW’ workflow :Day1

As I said the introduction, let's see my workflow step by step.Day 1 start with, of course, capturing images. Informatio...

Use luminosity Mask

Luminosity Mask, which is luminosity based mask, is getting popular in the world of post process. This is not difficult, you can just try it. I recommend TK panel, which I've been used for years.
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