Behind the scenes: Underlines -Ⅷ-


I started capturing “The-Under-Lines” series in June/2020 when the world still couldn’t see the current pandemic.
Along with the spread of covid-19, we could not travel at all.
That made me focus more locals, and making the series pictures.
I went to the local river almost every weekend. (to be continued).

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Original Color version

As you see the original ratio is not 2×1 panorama.
I wanted to capture widen as much as possible.
So I use pc-e 24mm lens with almost maxim upper and lower shift.

All the materials

Upper Column

Lower column

Actually I captured images too much.
If I were there now, I omitted ②④⑥⑧ of both columns.
So I could shorten the total exposure time.


I visited here many times since 2017,  so there are many photos from thie location in my archives. I think some can be said to the original idea of “The under lines”.So let me show some of them from my archives.

“Shift panorama” is very easy

One of the reason I love “PC lens” is their large image cercles.
Without any additional gear, you can shoot a panorama image.


Below images were the prototypes, which I shot a weak ago at the same location.
I went there at very early morning, the contrast sunrise(left) and the moon (right) was so amazing.
Everything was great but I just did not like the composition. It need more bottom part for the reflection of the bridge.

Prototype 1 captured at 3/15/2020 am5:46 f9/4sec.
Prototype 2 captured at 3/15/2020 am 5:52 f9/30sec.


One of the key feature of “The-Under-Lines” is “reflecrtions”.
“The Under-Lines”, reflections were the important of part of compositions. So
for having beautiful reflections on the water, I carefully choose days of the calm.

You can flattened the water surface with hyper long exposure, but in a windy day, the reflections would be blurry. I also like those blurry reflections, but in this series I wanted to make the reflections as beautiful as possible.

Robust Tripod

Lighter is better?
A Lightweight tripod is OK to carry around, but actually it is not trustworthy in the field especially for hyper long exposure photography. Of course it depends on the situations, but for me sturdy tripod is the most important item in my photography.

In “The Under-Lines” series, I used gitzo systematic tripod GT3532LS(not the current model, one generation older. )

This tripod has superb stability with big foots (picture)


A short video from my real shooting.

Behind the Scenes

I started shooting videos for later behind the scenes.
Since I was looking for something (to kill time) while I was waiting a long(long! ) exposure. So shooting video is kind a great activity.
Though I’m not a videographer,(I need to learn more about shooting movies) so I hope you can just enjoy watching them without any criticism.