YW’s workflow :Day4


The previous “YW’s workflow”

This is clear that there is “not” a one way to make a fin art style photography.
Many have their own style and method.
So if you’re not comfortable, or doesn’t fit your style, with my way of doing, It’s OK.
Find another. But, if you find something useful from my method, that would be great.

Anyway, Let’s get started for day 4.

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Make B&W layers

Now you have the rough B&W vision in Lightroom.
This is pretty a rough version of the image, so you should do a lot to do to finalize your final image.

First, I’ll make several black and white pictures from the original image.

Let’s begin.

1.Base (dark) layer

Remove all the local adjustments in the rough vision except the center one,
which darkens the entire image.
And make the layer, little bit darker; not to have Shadow warning.
Rename this “base” or “bass”, which ever you want.
This gonna be your base image, so please do carefully.

Bass layer

2.Light layer

Make a virtual copy from “base”.
Create a lighter version with these tools:

  • tone curve
  • exposure
  • white
  • highlight

Just one thing to care: don’t have high light clipping for any areas.
Black and white photography in digital era, “pure white” means “nothing”.

Name this “Light”

Light layer

3. Clarity layer

Make a virtual copy from “lighter”
Give it Max Clarity.

some are are don’t have enough texture with main slider.

in that case, you can use a local adjustment.

until you get satisfaction.

Name this “clarity”

Clarity Layer

4.Sky layer

Create for the sky layer from the base.

Make a virtual copy from “base”.

Use gradation tool for your ideal sky.
Don’do too much, but it’s up to you.
Name this “Sky”

Sky Layer

※This layers is an additional. When you are OK with the sky in the base layers,
you don’t have to make this.

Home work: understand the “zone-system”.

Before you get into the serial black and white post-processing
You need to understand Ansel Adams’ Zone System.

For Making High contrast black and white pictures, like my style,
understanding Zone System is pretty much the starter point.

This article from Fstoppers well explains The zone-system.
If you are not familiar with the term yet, please read.

How to Use the Ansel Adams Zone System in the Digital World
Our histogram shows 256 shades of gray. Besides pure black and pure white Ansel Adams used only nine shades to manipulat...

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