The Picture of Month: Crack in the Sky

Wow, Its December! Thesedays I try to publish my image once a month. In this blog, I reveal some Raw data and information behind the image.

No more Noises: DXO can be the saver for Hyper Long exposure photography ?

I'm not fun of Noise reduction. It can eliminate noises, but also it can kill the details too. But my stereo-typed thought for NR is about to end. Please check the full review of DXO' AI Noise reduction "DeepPRIME".

Behind the scenes: The blast at North

Let's look the behind scene of Yoshihiko's recent image. You can find some interesting story, raw and other interesting fact.

Behind the scenes: Age of the Steel

Let's look back to Yoshihiko Wada's favorite images with a lot of materials and raw images.

Behind the scenes:Underlines -Ⅰ-

Travel is no-no these days due to covid-19 pandemic. So instead of going away from my home, I’ve been focusing on my local areas to shoot local bridges. This blog post is postmortem and behind the scenes with many original data from my new panorama cityscape series: “The Underlines”

YW’s workflow :Day4

Making a -high contrast black and white fine art pictures- is not so difficult. There are different method with different artist. I'll just let you know my way for your reference. Let's get started workflow "day4".

YW’s workflow :Day3

Having a clear direction is important for the BW fin art style post process. Let's make a blue print before building your house.


I'll show you my workflow Each has his or her workflow. Me too. Maybe you're curious about mine.I want to write and show...
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