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I’ll show you my workflow

Each has his or her workflow. Me too.
Maybe you’re curious about mine.
I want to write and show my entire process, but it’ll be a long post in the single entry.
If I did so, you would be tired with reading such a long post.

Instead, I’ll write about a short post for each steps, and show my daily progress in a single post.

This is not going to be my past works, but currently making a new picture.
So you can see a progress start with the raw picture, and end up with the finished work, which I still don’t know the end result.

Some post, you would not see any progress, but I’ll try to describe what I did.
When you are not interested in seeing tedious entire process, you can just skip some posts and seeing what you’re curious about, or just wait the end result.

This is all about “workflow”.
I’ll the, as a post first, then archive to “workflow” page.
Are you curious? or not? please comment below.
I’d like to write about my post based on your curiosity.

Let’s see the progress together, and see you at the “day1”


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  1. Olivier SH says:

    Konnichiwa Yoshihiko-san!

    I am simply writing to say yes! I am curious about your workflow.

    I have been following you on Instagram for a while, and enjoying your beautiful and serene photographs.

    Thank you for sharing so kindly your workflow process in the coming days.