Use luminosity Mask


Do you use luminosity Mask?

Yes. quite frequently. Using luminosity Mask with “hard mask”, you can edit and control where you want.
hard mask means, masks which created with pass by pen tools.

What is luminosity Mask?

Ask the expert. Tony Kuyper is the master of luminosity Mask.
His photoshop panes is amazing, and I’ve using it for years.
Only you need is: Lightroom, Photoshop, and TK panel.
Actually, I don’t need any other plugins or BW softwares, but TK Panels.

Tony Kuyper Photography features landscape photography and tutorials about luminosity masks.

It seems difficult for master “luminosity Mask.”

No. it isn’t.
You just need to know the concept of luminosity mask.
Jsut use it. It’s easy. You can soon understand.

Actaully, it’s one of the tools which Photoshop has.
Tony’s blog describes this quite well.

Why do you use”Panels”, since it already in photoshop?

Just for saving our precious time.

“Panels” is actually bunch of “actions”.
So you can make your own panels from the scratch, if you want.
I tired before. But quit. It ate my time, and would not never look nice as TK’s.
His panel is only 29$ !
Time is actually money.
You should use your time not for making a panel, but your art.

He provides his basic panel for free. You can learn the basic of Luminosity Mask from it.

Why do you strongly recommend his panel? Do you get kickback from him?

No, not at all.
I love his panels, and have been used it for my art work for years.

Probably, there are other similar panels our there.
As I said before, it’s just a Photoshop’s panel, so everyone can make and sell it.

However, not every panels constantly update, don’t they?
His TK Panel is now ver.7
That’s mean it’s quite a reliable tool.

How do I learn luminosity Mask?

Visit his site. There are full of free tutorials.
Honestly, I have not used any paid tutorials.
I see the beautiful art, and examine, read blogs and watch Youtube.
You can do it too.

Tony Kuyper Photography
Tutorials from Tony Kuyper about luminosity masks.