YW’ workflow :Day1


As I said the introduction, let’s see my workflow step by step.
Day 1 start with, of course, capturing images.


Location: Yodogawa, Osaka

Capture Data:02/02/2020
Captured for: Panorama
The number of capture images: 14
Total capture time: 2,520 seconds (42 minutes)※
start at : 10:04
end at : 11:02

Camera: D810
Lens: pc-e 24mm
Filter: Formatt hitech filter :Square 100mm filters: stacked with 10stops, 3tops and CPL.
180 sec. f9, iso64

Captured images

1st: upper column: start from [Right to Left]

2nd lower column: start from [Right to Left]

Some behind(dumb) stories you may laugh

Actually this was the second try here at the exact same location.

The first try I stupidly took with JPEG. Why?

The day before I had a basic maintenance and sensor cleaning at Nikon Osaka, and they changed my usual setting to default!
I did not check well before the shoot, so the captured images were all JPEG…….
I did not noticed until I started to develop at Lightroom.
I was pretty shocked because the weather condition was pretty good.
Here is the jpeg panorama I made. This would be a great B&W as the cloudy weather and flat light was so nice.

Click and See to the bigger image.

I started shooting at 8:00 there. But the capture data said 10:04. why ?

Because I totally forgot about for setting mynodal rail on my tripod.

nodal rail is for setting non-parallax point for panorama shooting.
If you’re not familiar with it google “nodal point” or “non parallax point”

I did not notice until I captured the last images. As I know the images without parallax point did not work well, so I tried again. that was just before 10:00.
I already 19 (180 sec.) long exposure until then (including alternates)
The good thing was the light was pretty stable, so I could get constant images.

So, next step, let’s merge to single panorama from captured images.
See you next post at Day 2.