Photoshop & Lightroom: you need to learn first for fine art photography


Q. Yoshi, what software do you use for “B&W fine art” post process?

Photoshop & Lightroom. period. I’m doing with them.

Q. I don’t want to subscribe.

Me neither.
But this is the de facto standard software.
Now our world, everything is subscribed!
Sadly, You can’t avoid it.
Great thing is that you can use always the recent version of the software.

If you want to drive a car, you need gas.
If you were hungry, you need food.

Everything costs.
When you want to do “B&W fine art” photography, you need Lightroom and photoshop.

Q. How about “Affinity Photo“? It’s cheep.

I’m curious, and I had q quick examination.

You can use it as a substitute for photoshop in most cases.
Even you can use a “luminosity mask” with its “Macro“.
You can try.

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However, if you are not familiar with the photography post process, I recommend Photoshop. Because there are tons of tutorials out there.
When you need help with Photoshop, you just google, then you can get help from someone on the Web or Youtube.
There are fewer tutorials for Affinity Photo. That’s why I avoid recommending it.

I’m too get used to Photoshop, and I don’t need for learning the substitute. If you are OK with Toyota, you don’t need to move to Hyundai.
If the result is acceptable, you can use anything you want.
Though, my car is Mazda.

Q. Do you use any appreciations?

DXO:Silver Efex Pro

Use for mainley some additinal bw layers, expecially enhance details in an image.e


Another panorama soft I use is PTGui. The soft works amazingly fast.
Though, the result is acceptable in most cases, since the algorithm is little bit different from the APgiga, I prefer Autopan giga.
I’ll write about Pano apps for another entry.

Kolor:Autopano Giga (discontinued)

I’ve used the software for quite a while as my main panorama stitching software. Sadly the Kolor was closed in 2018, and you can’t get it anymore. Though the software is still working well in my windows 10. The stitching algorithm is sligtley deffeint from PTGui, which I prefer to PTgui. I hope its comeback to the industry.

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So get an Adobe photography plan, and learn the software fast.
There is no shortage of tutorials on Youtube.
You should learn the first is:

  • Pen tool
  • gradient tool

You don’t master all the tools in Photoshop.
I usually use quite limited tools there. It would be much easy than you expected.